Vedic Village
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At Vedic Village, we design Ayurvedic treatment packages that specifically address each individual’s health challenges. We suggest to you the specific life-style you should adopt and prescribe the desirable nutritional guidelines for you to follow. This would be of immense help to you to balance the mental, physical, spiritual and emotional aspects of your life.

The therapists at this beautiful Backwater Resort believe that Ayurveda needs to be practised in its original form, in order to derive the desired benefits out of it. Here, it is practised with the kind of dedication that it requires, following the distinctive tradition that Kerala still upholds. When it is practised in congenial settings, it ensures lingering wellness of body, mind and soul- the complete being.

At our Wellness Spa, your daily routine, your diet, your exercise and your relaxation- everything is planned for in the Ayurvedic way, and dished out to you with fascinating hospitality and courtesy. You are sure to feel enchanted by the charm that surrounds you everywhere. Yoga, and meditation, traditionally, are inseparable companions of Ayurvedic packages of treatment. Together they ensure the best results from a prescribed course of treatment; together they give a promise of sustained health.

In perfect imitation of the ancient tharavadu houses of Kerala, the setting of the Wellness Spa itself is conducive to a general feel of well-being that lulls you into the kind of sleep the tranquility of which is unmatched by any such experience you have ever known before.

During the monsoon season, which is traditionally believed to be the right time –span for Ayurvedic treatment, nature’s bounty makes the Village uncommonly beautiful, adding to the effectiveness of any prescribed course of Ayurvedic treatment.

The cool breeze from the backwaters if front, unpolluted, fresh and refreshing is sure to awaken you to the enchantment of absolute well- being. What makes a holiday at Vedic Village complete, no doubt, is your tryst with Ayurveda. Don’t miss it; back home you’ll continue to relive the experience of well-being long after you’ve left us , and you’ll certainly feel a sense of gratitude for the life free of fatigue, stress and tension that you’ve begun to live.